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We provide professional and quality services for all your excavtion needs.​
Utility trenching for electrical and plumbing contractors 
Our specialty!  We know the needs of the commercial subcontractor and will do our part to make your job as easy as possible.  We provide trenching, labor as necessary, and concrete to complete your project.  Light pole bases, duct banks, generator pads, transformer pads, grease traps and water meter vaults are no problem.
Septic System Installation
We are an IOWPA certified septic system installer in the State of Indiana.  If you need a simple conventional system or a more advanced mound system, call or send us a plan and we will get to work.  Have a problem with an existing system?  We can work with your local health department to find a solution that will minimize cost and maximize the efficiency of your current system.
Grade Work and Foundations
If you need a commercial or residential foundation we can help.  We can also complete grading projects of all sizes to make your site drain properly. 
Have concrete, a building or a complete site that needs to be demolished?  We can help!
 We will remove the old structure and leave the site clean and tidy.
Cellular Tower and Fiber Optic Site Work
Our company was founded to do this type of work.  We can provide drillers, grounding, foundations, building sets, driveways, fencing,  landscaping, sitework or any other service that you may need on your site.  Call us to discuss you next new project or how to clean up your current site.


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